By Diego Nascimento
In the article for today I want to suggest an exercise:  What’s the first thing that comes to other people’s mind when your name is mentioned?  Could it be that they think of you as the ultimate PROFESSIONAL, ready to give and add to the team effort, or is your name a reflection of grumpiness and unwillingness to work together?  You know that in the CORPORATE WORLD these characteristics are observed critically and can define your future in the company  or even open up other OPPORTUNITIES.  Your name is your BRAND and it deserves total PASSION.   Your brand is revealed through ATTITUDES, through EXAMPLE.  Even if your name is not an entry in an encyclopedia or magazine, you need to understand that in your sphere of relationships someone is watching you.  How about influencing people positively?  In your workplace do you make a DIFFERENCE or are you just “another guy” in your department?  To make a mark in your professional journey, it isn’t just that you dream up the next big project or that you revolutionize the sales strategy; being punctual, supportive and using common sense are also some of the ingredients.  In one of his articles, the businessman Abílio Diniz says, “Today I want to be better than I was yesterday, and tomorrow I want to be better than I am today.”  Invest in your career and make a difference.

Think about it:  Corporate World.  Brand.  Example.

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