By Diego Nascimento

Today I want to be objective when offering tips that can change the course of your professional life. I know people who have “climbed a mountain’s worth of obstacles” but are rewarded with a great view when they reach the top. On the other hand, there are people who have gone straight to the bottom through completely unnecessary uncertainties and risks; some adventures are not worth it. Thinking along these lines, I created a TOP 10 list called “You can.” Pause, assess, plan and take action:

1) You might think that investing time and financial resources in professional qualifications is unnecessary, after all, you have already collected diplomas and certificates.  Be careful: Intellectual arrogance often causes disastrous tumbles.

2) You may think you’re on the right track only to find that an apparent success (fame, finance …) requires the abandonment of noble values such as honesty and respect. If so, I suggest you turn around and take another route.

3) You may think that authoritarianism and arrogance provide an image of dominance and leadership but, in the end, you realize that the workplace and social circles do not sustain lasting relationships with individuals who are worthwhile.

4) You may find that studying a second language is a luxury and ostentation; on the contrary, it is a necessity and when you least expect it you might remember this warning.

5) You may find that a large monetary sum in your bank account will solve all your problems. This is a sad mistake: Many great solutions recorded throughout history did not have any cost; they have been resolved through frank and sincere conversation.

6) You can justify undue and uncontrolled postings on social networks based on the freedom of expression provided by law, but in reality the possibility of “burning a bridge” or losing friendships are very common inside and outside the professional environment.

7) You may find that what you just read in item 6 is not true. Understand that many recruiters observe the online profiles to evaluate resumes. I’m one of them.

8) You might think that following the rules is a part of leadership models of the past. Wrong thinking: Even large corporations are recognized internationally for moments of lucidity during working hours and make it a point to schedule their “professional duties.”

9) You may find that gossip is commonplace and innocent. A Big Lie: Sowing discord is a negative action and condemned in the Holy Bible itself.

10) You can choose to run away from books and embrace forms of empty and momentary entertainment. Afterwards do not complain of “roughing it” to write more complex texts in sales processes, customer service, procurement, etc.

You can reflect on these points or simply ignore this message. It’s a matter of choice. I confess that I am not the owner of this reasoning, but fifteen years in the workplace have offered unique opportunities for observation, learning and practice. Growing in life takes time and includes a long journey towards a gentle mind with wise answers. I choose this road. Let’s walk together?

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