By Diego Nascimento

Education is one of the main ingredients for PROFESSIONAL ESTABLISHMENT. Through it, apprentices become masters, inexperience transforms into experience and barriers are substituted for OPPORTUNITIES. What refining steps has your career undergone? Whatever your age group, remember that firsthand knowledge is a basic rule for any area of performance. Some months ago, when talking to a friend and professor Ray Amtmann (Northern Michigan University – USA), I had the chance to clearly see the difference between tactile and explicit knowledge: Tactile knowledge is the knowledge received through practice in the marketplace; explicit knowledge is all of the theoretical baggage acquired through studies (courses, books, articles, magazines…). According to Ray, the FUTURE PROFESSIONAL possesses both forms of knowledge and as a consequence has a brilliant JOURNEY. Now listen to me: If you have a theoretical basis, remember that practice is a necessary companion; if your professional career has not yet undertaken technical qualifications (be it extension courses, technical work, graduate or postgraduate) the moment is NOW. Our country is in an accelerated rhythm of development and economic growth. Invest in your career and create opportunities! Theoretical education and practice await you!


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