by Diego Nascimento

In my childhood I invited reading to be a part of my daily life:  since then several publications have passed before my eyes. I confess that today I have faced the challenge of organizing an adequate space to store so many books; I gradually figured out a solution after investingsome dollars in buying a tablet.  In this endless reading marathon, I found an ancient treasure called the Holy Bible, which I consider one of the most formidable books covering ethics, professional conduct, education, management, entrepreneurship, financial management and other topics as discussed in our era. Proverbs highlights, in simple and versatile examples, everyday situations that require observation andpractice. In today’s article, I want to draw attention to chapter 3, verse 21: “… do not let wisdom and understanding out of your sight, preserve sound judgment and discretion. They will be life to you.”  From a management perspective, I think it is one of the most ancient and wise recommendations ever recorded in a book. It is clear that the professional of tomorrow, who is wise in their speeches and attitudes and balanced in their decisions is more likely to gain respect and success among his/her colleagues and customers than one who insists on following the opposite path. Even though it is an obvious choice, regrettably we find people who throw out the window a chance to do “something more” for the company, thinking of work as a burden rather than an opportunity. Do you know someone like this? Probably you’re nodding your head agreeing with me, aren’t you? Here’s the tip:  the most direct way to impact those who need to see these principles is to live them out yourself! Invest in your career!

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