by Diego Nascimento 

I think that by now all my readers have discovered my fascination with communication and its theories. With this in mind, I want to draw attention to a dangerous character in this story: noise.  Maybe you’re thinking of that heavy breathing which can make you uncomfortable during phone calls, are you?  Actually I want to talk about another noise:  the misunderstanding that can occur in the transfer of information.  Want an example? During childhood it is common for children to play “telephone” game.  In this game, someone is responsible to create a phrase and pass that information to a friend on the right in their ear; and so this dynamic continues until the last member of the circle repeats the final message out loud. In 99% of the cases of “telephone”  that I participated in, the details were increased or decreased from the initial information, ie, there is a tendency for information to be lost or details added that does not match the original message. This reality is very common in the workplace. With letters, e-mails, phone calls, tickets, SMS and others it is crucial that we are careful that the information that is transmitted is, in fact, complete, respecting the original writer’s intention.  Directly or indirectly we are messengers in our work environment. In this case, the technique of “telephone” should fall by the wayside. Remember these tips that might come in handy:

• Listen to the message. In the case of written material, read it more than once to understand the context.

• Confirm all the data before you communicate anything.

• Write it down always! Details make a difference.

• If in doubt, ask

• If necessary, seek training. Independent of your responsibility to communicate the information, no matter how simple it may be, it can bring smiles, awkward situations or even tears.  We cannot be too careful!

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