by Diego Nascimento

For three months I have taught a business management module for hundreds of young people enrolled in a course of professional training.  During the last class, I emphasized the importance of ethical posture in a society filled with people who opt for accommodation. A simple example:  Last week I visited a bakery to buy a sandwich. I spent almost five minuteswaiting to be assisted, while the employees exchanged mocking glances. I left disappointed and without buying anything. I opted for silence; after all, “A soft answer turns away anger.”  I mentioned this situation to a friend who asked, “Was this at the end of their shift?” I explained that it wasn’t, and even if it was, there was nothing to justify that immature attitude.

As a teacher I had an obligation to show students that success is not a matter that comes by chanceit is a choice. Many opportunities don’t come knocking at our doors but can be created. We are human beings with the ability to reason and have free will. There are those who choose to do the best, while others think that life is futile and it can be taken by leaps and bounds, while on the edge of mediocrity.

There are people who always excel. I admire that.  Bearing this in mind, I conclude saying:  Wherever you are, do your best.

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