by Diego Nascimento

I am a great admirer of data collection. Computers have aided in the creation and development of products and services.  I’m totally on board with this!  But on the other hand, all this machinery can have serious consequences for a very important person:  you! Let me explain one of the reasons.

My friend stayed in a traditional hotel chain with several sites in Brazil. During his checkout he went to the reception desk to pay his bill, not expecting any issues.  Arriving there, he heard the following statement: “Sir, it will just be a few moments to close out the bill. Our system is down.” Visibly shocked, my friend requested a hand written receipt, which was denied by the attendant. “I’m sorry.  The hotel doesn’t allow me to do that.”  More than 30 minutes later the system was up and running, and with a mixture of surprise and indignation he managed to check out.

I’m like you:  perplexed when I heard this story.  I stay at this hotel chain, and luckily I did not have this situation occur.  Regardless, try to imagine the situation: you are about to take a taxi or flight, and you are “forced” to wait indefinitely for lack of a simple Plan B.

Whatever your area of ​​expertise, try to set up an alternative route if the traditional means have some kind of a mishap. The hotel example can be replicated in various scenarios.  It is clear that some cases are unsolvable and require our understanding. But I guarantee that most of the issues could be minimized with the use of a Plan B. This is synonymous with creativity and without a doubt, the company will be the main beneficiary, as in the end the customer will leave happy.

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