By Diego Nascimento

Who has not already answered this question? Throughout life we are impacted by diverse aromas that signal a tasty lunch, a polluted river, a beautiful bouquet or even a recently bought cologne or perfume.  Personal Marketing is such a vast subject that it even includes scents. I guarantee that for many readers this subject is a little delicate, especially at home or in the work environment.   Due to a fear of hurting feelings, many people suffer from an excess or lack of a “harmonious smell.”

Dealing with people requires special care in our appearance. Even indirectly we have the habit of observing the context of the environment and the professionals involved in our care. I once went to a store to evaluate a product and came home with a terrible headache. This was because the salesperson (who was by the way, very beautiful) poured on the perfume and infiltrated the entire establishment (maybe the entire block) with an inappropriate (strong) aroma for that time and place.  In another instance, the opposite was also apparent; the lack of a bath or a deodorant made much difference in my conversation with another attendant who had declared war on the smell. But what should we do in both cases? Here are some important tips for helping ourselves and others:

I know that many never stopped for a moment to think about the effects of this theme on Personal Marketing. As an area scholar, it is my duty to share knowledge that can prevent disruption and save careers. I have already published articles dealing with voice, use of social networks, curriculum, writing, professional qualification and many other titles that, if added, form the timeline of those who have just reached the job market or who are celebrating birthdays in this or that Department.

Common sense is for everyone!

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