by Diego Nascimento

For some time now I have been awakened to the study of a subject rarely discussed:  body language. Did you know that a frown when greeting a customer, a touch of the eyebrows or chin can implicitly convey a message of agreement or disagreement? As it is a subject usually practiced by people in public, with regular appearances in speeches, lectures, etc… body language is a daily companion, and it is also a part of our family and social relationships. Want an example? In his book Unlocking the Secrets of Body Language, Allan and Barbara Pease explain that: “… crossing your arms in front of your body is always seen as negative, and the message is both in the mind of the one watching as in the one who sends it. Even if you cross your arms because, let’s say, you have back pain, the observer will unconsciously perceive this as a person closed to his ideas.” There are professionals who specialize in this type of body language reading, however, it requires training, time and dedication. Okay, maybe you’re thinking that mastering this stuff is not a basic requirement for your position, but if you have the opportunity, it is worth at least pursuing some tips in body positions that can positively or negatively influence your daily life. Invest in your career! Read, research, and practice tips that can add to your career in the workplace in a healthy way.

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