By Diego Nascimento

During the week I decided to dedicate a few hours to a walk.  At a certain part of the pathway, I noticed that the shoelaces of my tennis shoes were untied. Immediately I interrupted the journey, fixed the problem and resumed the walk. I could have ignored that issue and continued with quick steps, putting myself at great risk for stumbling and falling.  Although it is a simple and ordinary illustration, the untied shoelaces can exemplify professional life situations. Some people, over time, can realize that something is not within normal parameters and because they are in a hurry or have other priorities they prefer to proceed without planning rather than correct the problem.  This apparent advantage may result in serious consequences for the individual or his team, whether in the short, medium or long-term. Okay, I know some things come up suddenly, requiring almost instantaneous “decision-making.”  Even so, think… two, three … four times … before you act.  You, your team and the company may suffer consequences for failure to correct something seemingly irrelevant.  A phrase attributed to physicist Isaac Newton says: “What we know is a drop of water; what we don’t know is an ocean.” Invest in your career. Walk carefully!

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