by Diego Nascimento

I have a habit of saying that professionalism should exist within and outside the company. I have known cases where people have made use of unreal situations, for example, they justify their absence from workdelays or non-compliance with tasks.

We must have this mindsetdo your best wherever you are. Now, if your job does not draw out this feeling of motivation within you, I suggest you rethinkyour actions or seek out other opportunities. It is awkward to watch employees, whatever the companytransfer their professional dissatisfaction into badservice, negligencebad attitudes or constantly unnecessarily overlooking things. A good manager knows how to handle these cases but there are limitsIt is best to be guided by the truth rather than a lie.

I believe that youreading this article right nowdo not fit this profile but certainly you know someone who doesHow about if you talk to that person? Do yourpart. Five minutes of conversation can change a lifetime.


Look at your professional life as an academic record:  its ups and downs are recorded in detail for ever and everDo not allow stains to be part of your journey.Respect your company, your colleagues and your clients.  Truth is above all!

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