by Diego Nascimento

When I started my professional career, I had the opportunity to coordinate the process of recruitment of interns for administrative activities.  There was an 18-year-old who applied for one of the spots and was chosen from the admission tests.  She has shown a lot of willingness, commitment and proactivity. Days later something intriguing happened:  that young woman did not return to the office nor did she explain her absence. From the perspective of Human Resources we began a search for the whereabouts of the girl: we thought that something very serious might have happened. After a few days we were able to talk to her, and, to our astonishment, the intern just said she didn’t feel like working with us and was about to start another job.  The company had followed all the legal protocols since the publication of the notice of the internship until the moment of formalizing and orienting the girl.  On the other hand, the young woman “closed the door” on a unique opportunity of learning and has left a mark on her record. Cases like this may occur in our daily life, even in Brazil. It is sad how some people don’t value an internship and, more aggravating, do not give anything back to the company even if just a yes, no, or thank you.  I’ve been an intern and let me say: The important ingredients for my professional life were acquired during this memorable stage of my journey. I hope that this young woman has reflected upon her immature attitude and has revised her concepts about responsibility.  Finish the reflection of today with the following tip:  Transparency never hurts. Create opportunities rather than leave deep blots on your career.

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