by Diego Nascimento

Saying goodbye is not an easy task. For years we  have talked and exchanged ideas. A book consists of chapters and so does life. Beginning, middle and end. When you had to make a decision I was there, ready to help. Now I understand that many things are temporary, me included. Despite the memories, I was not expecting to be kicked out of your everyday life. I know that in the beginning it was not easy, but what can we do? Goodbye!

Signed,  Self-indulgence.

Have you wiped away the tears (LOL)?  This brief farewell is part of everyday life for many professionals around the world. After a smart choice, self-indulgence was replaced by initiative. What about you? Do you know someone who needs to do the same thing? Who gives up at the first challenge and just lets the “river run its course”? Whether in the country or city centers, small, positive actions make a difference. Regardless of your position, salary or age, get on board with this idea:  Be proactive already!

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