by Diego Nascimento

 I once visited a retail store to buy a snack. Like any consumer I went to the vending machine, I chose a package of cookies, and followed the directions on the machine to make the payment.  I stood a few seconds, waiting for an employee to respond, and nothing.  I took a second look and realized that she was sending text messages on her cell phone.  Politely I said “Good afternoon” so that she realized I was there.  Without even turning her neck to return the greeting, she scanned the product, took the money, and went back to her top priority of sending texts on her cell phone. What a sad attitude, right? Unfortunately, the marketplace has some professionals who “just do the minimum” at work and contribute to the dissatisfaction and ultimately the closure of many companies, especially if the indifference is part of their daily conduct. Customer service is the gateway for all sectors without exception. It is unacceptable and unjustifiable to show any indulgence, whether you are a small store or even a giant service provider. Do you know someone like this? If not, congratulations! You are a privileged. If so, share this text. Small actions are able to generate changes in the lives of many people. Think about it! Your name is your brand! Invest in your career!

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