by Diego Nascimento

Several times I have written about having a professional attitude. Today I want to look at it from a different perspective:  Taking care in how wedeliver a message. What we speak and write can have serious consequences, and it is not just in the corporate world; it involves family and even acasual conversation in the lunch room.

Respect is the main ingredient needed when speaking or writing.  At work this attitude not only involves the leaders communicating to their followers but also followers to their leaders.  It is essential to be prudent when sending an email, a ticket or leaving a simple phone message.This includes your tone of voice and the vocabulary you are using. I am an ardent fan of communication as a bridge. Unfortunately, I have witnessed people abandoning the principles of warmth and cordiality and preferring authoritarianism as a basic rule.

During his speech regarding the passage of controlling interest in Grupo Pão de Açúcar, businessman Abilio Diniz made use of words that I will takethe liberty of quoting below.  A connoisseur of good principles, Diniz told members of the company:  … preserve humanity, kindness, respect, care, and consideration for everyone here, who with their work and dedication maintain and provide growth and efficiency.”

It is clear that at times we need to be firm in our decisions and opinions, but that does not prevent us from being wise and careful in our words.  Whatever the situation, never abandon common sense. Even a complaint requires a bit of elegance. I will conclude with the famous Biblical passage: “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”  Matthew chapter 12 verse 34.

Want to share your experiences? Feel free. I am ready to listen!

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