by Diego Nascimento

Recently I began a marketing course offered by the University of Pennsylvania, United States. I confess that one of the disciplines linked toconsumer behavior made me remember my adventures in grocery stores analyzing marketing strategies. I admire the various ways of displaying the products throughout the aisles.

Did you know that behind a simple shampoo there is a large team of planners working to ensure that you choose that brand? That simple handling of packaging is the result of much research? That the colors of a poster are able to change your mind? That your credit card bill may be higherbecause of the marketing and not from necessity?

I confess that there are products that correspond to the displays; others are just a practice test. That’s why we always suggest the practice of ART:  Ask, Research and Try it. Marketing is a necessity not only for businesses but also for people.  The number is growing of independent professionals who invest in professional qualifications, in business cards, web pages, and even on clothing.

This is one of the interesting features of marketing: Be it on the streets, in shops, supermarket aisles or websites on the Internet, there are peoplewatching you!

Want to share your experiences? Feel free. I’m ready to listen!

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