By Diego Nascimento

You know that organizing lectures and training is part of my professional journey. Once, when I asked a group what they thought the real reason was for working hard, I received several responses. One of then hit me hard:  a middle-aged man said he wanted to attain the most wealth he could to ensure a comfortable life for his children in the future. The others offered similar aspirations, but no one understood the main point. I gave them a hint; after all, I was at the beginning of training and there was still a lot of ground to cover.

The reason for my concern is abstract and not concrete, but first I want to make something clear:  I see praiseworthy attitudes in the character of the workers from the first paragraph. We work for various achievements and this includes that dream house, a car or motorcycle in the garage, an unforgettable trip and yes: the well-being of our children.

Returning to the subject of my concern: I consider it a legacy when your name is brought up in a situation and people think of a certain set of values. Surely you’ve heard: “So and so was an example … The way he/she dealt with the challenges was amazing …” or things like, “I haven’t seen him in a long time… which is good … he just talks trash.”  And don’t tell me you have never heard these types of things.  This happens in the workplace all the time.  Clearly it’s easy to understand the importance of references at the time of hiring.  Recruiters are experts at this.

They say that hope is the last to die; I prefer to believe this instead of “throwing in the towel,” at the exact time that you and I have to make a difference. That’s why we follow along with training, lectures, and consulting. Regardless of the function that occupies, either standalone or within a business, remember: the burden of responsibility is on your shoulders. Do and say something worthwhile. It’s that simple!

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