By Diego Nascimento

The voice is an essential tool when the subject is ASSISTANCE (either personally or over the phone).   As I have observed various businesses in Brazil and in other lands, I have seen how much the TONE OF VOICE can contribute to the client making a decision about buying a product and/or hiring services.  The volume of the voice can be MEASURED in accordance with the place of work, particularly involving phone conversations.  The sound that comes from the vocal cords can be a POSITIVE POINT for your business or it can create barriers with the public.  Want an example? Imagine you are in a store, talking with a potential client.  You pause, your tone of voice encouraging his or her understanding, but at the same time allowing for a DISCRETE dialogue.  I confess that I am not a great admirer of yelling or “drawling”, no matter where I encounter this when seeking assistance.  Professor Reinaldo Polito, in one of his articles, offers a tip about how to conclude a DIALOGUE with a “golden key”:  “At the conclusion of presenting your information, when you pause, continue to look at the other person.  When finishing your thought, pronounce the words with an inflection that is appropriate, signaling that you have completed giving him or her the information.”

Offer exemplary assistance:  information given in a tone of voice that conveys credibility.

Think about it:  Assistance.  Tone of voice.  Discrete.  Dialogue.

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