by Diego Nascimento

I think many people opened this article expecting to get tips on flirting. I’m sorry, but I am not going to talk about romance. The conquest of which I speak is connected to the world of sales. What is the secret of selling more? The answer is more complex than you think. Walk with me in this article and you will understand.

I must confess I’m a fan of grocery stores. Simply walking down the aisles, even if I do not buy anything, usually is more refreshing than swimming on a hot, sunny day. It is one of the biggest learning experiences for those who sell products or provide services. It is here that one of the most tragic situations in my life happened as a consumer (pretty dramatic, right … ha, ha). I went to buy a simple pop, and hunger suggested I widen the list. I did not have a lot of knowledge of the store layout, and I asked an employee where was “such and such.” Without looking at me she said, “I think on the other side.” I thought it was strange, but I followed her suggestion, but it turned out to be wrong.  I spent precious time trying to find that particular “such and such.” To complete my search, I reached the checkout and came across a strange scene:  the clerk did not notice my arrival because he was too busy telling a colleague where he had gone for the weekend (I even remember the name of place …) … feeling I had been too patient, I “stepped up” to the mat and made my presence known, left the soda and never returned. The worst thing is that this has happened before in the same supermarket chain.

Scenes like this are more common than you think. They may occur in the pharmacy, beauty salon, fast food, the furniture store, car dealership and so on. The secret of sales is connected to the famous customer service. Serving well is not a virtue; it is a must. Offering the effect of ‘continuity’ is the trump card of the seller. Imagine you represent a makeup company. Certainly you want that lipstick to produce, in the future, more sales including creams, perfumes …. I agree that the quality of the product or service contributes to a new acquisition. However, the attitude of the seller before, during and after speaks volumes. Thinking about this, I suggest:

Observe and evaluate your potential customer. Profiling will help in your approach.
Keep on schedule. In a world where everything is urgent, recognize that time is precious.
Speak the truth above all. Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose.
Have limits: Avoid contact when your client is at work, unless you have authorization and tools for this (SMS)
Be discreet:  Steer the conversation to capture future opportunities which may arise (new sales).
Be proactive: Never wait for the client to manifest a need to purchase. Keep a sincere and attentive dialogue as to the next need.

Be humble: never try to make the sale through force. Major negotiations are marked by serenity.

I will conclude by saying that the secret of sales conquests is associated with good habits. In the Bible in the book of Proverbs, chapter 22, verse 1 it says, “A good name is more than great riches; enjoying a good reputation is better than silver and gold.”

Happy selling!

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