By Diego Nascimento

Last week I gave a lecture about Communication to a group of university graduates.  Before saying anything in relation to the topic, I asked the students to imagine the following scene:  In a certain region there were two roads.  The first, paved and full of attractions, was wide and had various forms of entertainment.  Although it was a pleasant road, it ended up as a dead end.  The second path, contrary to the first one, was hard to access, had obstacles and steep hills, however, at the end of the journey a great reward awaited the PILGRIMS who PERSISTED on their walk.

Actually this illustration portrays the story of our PROFESSIONAL careers.   Which road are you taking? Through the first path, amid the ease of life that takes us to compromise and apathy or by second path, which symbolizes the  arduous walk of the proactive professional, who chooses to go up the hill ofPERSISTENCE and whose INTEGRITY obtains good results?

I agree that your professional development involves a series of factors, but you have the power to choose your ATTITUDES.  The business world is watching your steps.  Be attentive!

Reflect:  Professional. Persistence. Integrity. Choice. 

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