by Diego Nascimento

It was designed with great care, but it is clear that in some cases it came as a surprise.  It received investments and for years was the object of sacrifice. Several people knew its history; the majority were a friend of this endeavor; others only heard about it. The years passed and the need to improve and anticipate trends arrived. Even though resources were slim, large seeds were planted. Today, some years later, this company has the most valuable brand of all time:  YOU!

That’s right: if your life feels like you are just a product of some company, realize that you are the most valuable design. You are unique. The way the details of your life/brand came together can be compared to the creation of a family, which includes the qualities ​​of honesty, truth and respect.  Team building is similar to the time spent in school: basic education, technical, professional or any other type of improvement. Gaining clients is nothing more than our networking: the network of relationships that we have built throughout our existence. Brand reputation is synonymous with all efforts focused on the interests of transparency and harmony in everything we do.

I guarantee you never made that comparison, right? I know people who spend a lot of money on accessories, and let me just say that I am not against acquisitions. We live in a capitalistic society and a world that offers many good things.  We are on the same journey. What is at stake here is the priority. If we separate a particular resource for material items, why not invest in professional training, for example? Or buying a book or any other action that may in the short or long-term contribute to your personal journey or professional career?

Let’s be happy! Let’s live life within limits. Let’s make our dreams come true! But it is important to remember that what is your name will be immortalized. Although the beginning of this article is in the past, remember that education is a constant and right now you can make a decision that can change your destiny.

Do the best for the most valuable brand ever created: YOU!

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