by Diego Nascimento

After reading this article, I want you to close your eyes and think back on your professional life. You will remember challenges, sacrifices, smiles, recalling someone who deeply inspired your career, and who with patience and wisdom taught you everything or almost everything you know.  Good memories, aren’t they? In the corporate world, that person is given the name of mentor.

A leader who mentors communicates this inspirational feeling to his team and knows the right moment to direct, admonish, correct and delegate.  This is the person who balances emotion and reason and, at the end of an eventful day full of complaints, still manages to find a reason to thank and congratulate one or more people for fulfilling this task.  It’s not only the newcomers to a company that have mentors.

I know cases of professionals who have discovered this important figure a few “years down the road”. According to Rodd Wagner and James K. Harter, in the book 12: The Elements of Great Managing, “Patient and accessible mentors can bring to reality seemingly impossible goals and give your advisees a shot of energy“.  Now think about it:  Youdon’t need to occupy a high position on the company ladder to be a mentor.

Make a difference wherever you are,
whatever your occupation or age. In the same way that someone reached out to you, you do the same. Set a good example and, if necessary, use words!

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