by Diego Nascimento

In my last article I talked about the conscious use of the phone, remember? This week I will continue sowing tips for good conduct in the organizational environment, especially for professionals who spend their days in front of a computer to perform their activities. E-mail, digital forms, systems, backups … words hitherto little practiced today are common in corporate vocabulary. Regardless of all these ideas, I just want to reflect on your time on websites or blogs during your work hours. Was your service performed within a satisfactory time frame or did a chat on the web prevent it from happening? The Internet is a creative communication channel, provided it is used responsibly and intelligently. Stay calm:  You know that I am totally in favor of finding information and reading, especially that which can advance with your career and your well-being. There are several web pages with serious content worthy of attention. Perhaps your company has an access policy that would reconcile your professional activities with checking personal e-mails, reading news, etc… If not, talk to your boss and suggest the creation of a rule of conduct that enables this balance and collaborate with the entire team. Dialogue is the first step towards big decisions. Make the Internet an ally and not a stumbling block in your career!

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