by Diego Nascimento

On a recent trip abroad I witnessed an interesting fact: I was in a diner and from a distance I noticed a woman desperately trying to buy a sandwich; she was gesturing in various ways. Instantly, I decided to help and, to my surprise, that client was a Brazilian. We exchanged a quick greeting, and then completed the task of buying a snack for her.  Now think with me: How many professionals lose their jobs because they have not mastered a second language? Knowing English, for example, is a growing necessity every day. When you open an e-mail or refer to an instruction manual (digital or printed), watch a movie or listen to a song, the English language is present. The same thing can happen with other languages, depending on your work or your daily academic or social situations, etc.  An article in the Correio Braziliense newspaper from February 2013 reporter Cecilia Pinto Coelho reports that, “According to experts, speaking more than one language not only ensures better job placement but is also a requirement for your dream job.” Whatever your goal, do not dismiss the thought of learning another language. In addition to creating opportunities and expanding your networking, this challenge can further boost your mind! Invest in your career. There you have it!

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