by Diego Nascimento

The first thing I do when I’m waiting for a departure at the airport or bus station is look for a bookstore. My eyes wandering over the shelf displays brings a sense of well-being that is uniquely without equal. Among magazines and books are the traditional “motivational courses” that promise to cure your blues and provide answers to the questions that bother you every day. I want to talk about how to find motivation without creating the expectations of these seemingly miraculous publications.

I work with management every day. All the time I see happiness, sadness, excitement and frustration in people. Even if they do not talk about it, their facial expression (body language) gives it away. Some people compare life to a kitchen cabinet: for every situation you have to open the right drawer. That’s not how life works. Your brain is an amazing machine which produces reactions and feelings, and even with advances in technology we have not reached 10% of what the brain is capable of doing.

I’m sorry to say you will never find “motivation” available for purchase on the shelves in the supermarket, bookstores, pharmacies or clothing stores. What about in the apps list on my tablet or cell phone?  No way. Motivation is behavior. It comes from within you. It is there, waiting to be awakened. I know people who have invested a ton ​​in lectures and courses and returned home the same way they went in: apathetic and uncaring. I want to make it very clear that I admire the work of professionals who deal with this area. They don’t just give out “motivation,” but they explain how you will be able to find motivation for yourself.

There are several studies on how our body reacts to impulses when it is motivated or unmotivated. The Brazilian Journal of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy, which is available in the virtual library of the University of São Paulo (USP), is one of several publications that has articles about this very subject (go there if you want to expand your knowledge on the subject).David Crech and Richard S. Crutchfield once said that motivation is connected to the reason for doing something: “One reason is a need or desire coupled with the intention to achieve an appropriate goal.”

Practically speaking, what do you want to see happen in your life today? Do you want to move forward or stand still just watching the cars go by? You could be given a few nights at the best hotel in the world, have several million dollars in your bank account and the trip of your dreams and, at the end of the week, wake up with the same lack of motivation you had the month before.  The reason is simple: the subject of today’s article has nothing to do with material gains (which are a result of your work), but with your efforts to stand up and follow the journey of life regardless of your resources.

If you want to talk about motivation, I’m ready to listen.  Share and seek advice with people who sincerely want to discuss these things. If you need the professional help, do not be ashamed. At certain times we need help. Do something soon. Escape from just settling.  This attitude can turn you into a big lie!

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