By Diego Nascimento

I have had the opportunity to talk to many people who complain about the lack of customer service when it comes to some businesses.  What is most interesting is that they did not complain about the quality or availability of the products; these testimonies reflected SERVICE failures.  This is a perfect illustration: “Once a man needed to acquire a part for his vehicle.  Some friends recommended  an auto store in town.  When the man went to the store,  he waited a long time for a salesman to come and help him with his purchase, but the salesman never came.  After many minutes of waiting, he gave up and went away frustrated.”  Who makes the sale in this case?  The competition!

And you?  What are you doing in your company?  According to Professor Fabiano Bianchi Silva in the book Managing People, “Attitudes are mirrors of your thoughts – positive or negative – in relation to objects, people or events.  They reflect how an individual feels about something.  When I say ‘I like my job,’ I am expressing my attitude about my work.”

Customers are the most important target of your daily work.  A reduction in customers can contribute to the extinction of your JOB.  Sales are a result of teamwork and excellent communication, fast and complete!  Think about it!

Consider:  Attendance.  Attention.  Customers.  Employment.

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