by Diego Nascimento

I’ve seen small projects become huge in the marketplace; I’ve heard about daring to dream that wouldn’t work out on paper or even reports of professionals who out of fear or inconvenience turned down promising proposals. Every tree begins with a seed. I admire those who take risks when it comes to their careers. They face geographical and emotional limits in search of new challenges. It pays to have that kind of attitude where humility and common sense are the basis for decision making. Since childhood I have seen people say, “Do this or do that, but do it with your feet on the ground.” That is, calculate potential opportunities and failures. How will you react if it works? And if it does not work? Dream on, take risks, but before you do, make a plan. The Bible itself says that the heart of man can make his plans, but the answer comes from God. Have you received a promotion? Be thankful and take advantage of this chance. Want to change your job? Start the search but be ready for potential challenges. Want to make history? Think, write, ask for help, and roll up your sleeves. Time does not wait for anyone! Throw convenience out the window.

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