by Diego Nascimento

What is the connection between Lava Jato and your professional journey? The answer is simple: there can be no link. You are deceiving yourself if you think I’m talking about the possibility of having your name involved in this scandal worthy of the adjective “disgusting.” When we make an in-depth analysis of all occurrences that touch on this subject, the word that best represents this scenario is dishonesty. The Houaiss dictionary carries some synonyms that “pains us” for this noun:falsification of the truth; insincerity, bad faith.

Have you heard of the Stellar Career, the one gains success beyond the stars? It is the term that I have created for people who, in the workplace, reach positions of great responsibility, and who their own free will, for good or bad, impact the lives of various people.  The worst thing is that there are dishonest “professionals” who are dishonest with others and with themselves. But how is this possible? Calm down, let me explain! Attitudes of authoritarianism, pride, arrogance, individualism and self-sufficiency toward leaders and followers and those who have the same “power” in the hierarchy already exhibit a poverty of spirit, to the point of practically showing “I’m it.” People like this suffer from within and without, offering drastic consequences in the short, medium and long term.

The sense of impunity does not always involve monetary corruption. The insincerity present in “gaining the trust” of others via an apparent theatrical sympathy is totally toxic and opens the door to gossip, for “making a way” and having an imbalance in human relationships. I am not here to cry out for a perfect world, after all, in the midst of our postmodern world things seem to be more misaligned than in the Stone Age. But we can make a difference at a time when greeting someone with a sincere GOOD MORNING is a virtue!

Returning to Lava Jato: some characters from the Stellar Career of national politics and entrepreneurship, who recently testified in Congresses, Symposiums and Mega Events in Brazil and abroad have become key pieces in a scheme that shakes the whole nation. What good is taking shortcuts to climb the ladder in life, if the most precious thing (YOUR NAME) is slung in the mud? And I do not care if we have short memories. What matters is sincerity with yourself.

Dr. Phil McGraw, author of numerous publications related to human behavior, records in “The Code of Life” a phrase worthy of reflection. He says, “Being a victim, however, is different from being a change agent.” If we stop to think, there are a lot of people acting like victims just to justify insincerity and bad faith. And remember this is not just about slamming the millionaires, but also in regard to the way you relate to your department colleagues. It does not matter what job you’re in.

To be humble is to understand that you do not exist alone. It is to know that the very challenging “Organizational Climate” needs very little to function as expected. It is to realize that success has more to do with the example given than with the amount of zeros in the bank account. Think about it!

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