by Diego Nascimento
Leadership is a seemingly simple characteristic, but it requires a carefulness from those who practice it. Observation, concentration, teamwork and ethics are part of the basic list of requirements. Throughout life you will find two groups of people: the first think that leadership is a big deal; the second sees that word as a chance to makes things better, always.

Now what do you think? Are human beings born with the ability to lead or do they develop it over many years? If we search for an answer to this on Google, we will find different opinions. But I still say (and I know some colleagues agree with me) that people are born with what I call a seed of leadership. Many choose to water and fertilize this ability while others prefer to keep it dormant, either because of discomfort or fear. The truth is that, at some point in life, we need to put leadership into action. This happens at home, at work, in choosing a place to live, purchasing a car or in emergencies.

A few weeks ago I witnessed something at a student meeting. My friend was assigned to give a speech and explain the way a conversational activity was going to happen. The audience included people from many countries. Even with the cultural and linguistic diversity, she gave a great example of mastering the information, balancing her tone, proper body posture and compliance with the rules. I made sure to watch every detail. I was seeing a great leader. While she is still working towards graduation, I’m sure that soon she will assume positions where decision making is the rule of thumb, and I know she will do an excellent job, as she has already done.

My goal today is to invite you to read this article and understand that leadership is a necessity. Regardless of the position you occupy, remember that, at some point, you have to make a choice. Never leave undone opportunities to help or facilitate a group. Attitudes like this may surprise those who are around you.

I would like to conclude by saying:  I did not write the title of this text to encourage something illegal; on the contrary, if you have found something worthwhile in these lines, take it with you.  Good ideas need to be shared. Selfishness is far from the characteristics of a good leader.

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