by Diego Nascimento

Last week the magazine Exame published an article which deals with working hours. Throughout the text the article offered examples of people who are dedicated to working 10 to 12 hours a day. It is in this regard that I want to talk to you and have full disclosure:  I am in this group.

I have totally embraced the culture of being “connected 24 hours a day” and, without realizing it, I was stuck in a cycle where other areas of my life were being left behind.  Being aware of that delicate balance, I made a very important decision:  to establish a “speed limit” and also beg forgiveness of the victims of my rat race.

I do a lot of things, and I don’t try to hide them from anyone. But I confess that the Diego of today is very, very different from the Diego of the past. I came to understand that the 24 hours allotted on our watches must be used strategically.  I was able to organize ALL of my activities and in turn give more time for my family and friends, for example. And my dreams? They continue to grow at full speed in my mind and heart. Many have come true, and others will bear fruit with patience.

I do not want to correct our colleagues who, in some cases, need to stay longer than normal to get the job done. I know that certain occupations and projects require additional effort. But understand that this cannot be the rule for your whole life.  There is someone needing your attention, you can be sure.

Once I expressed my admiration for the book of Proverbs. Ecclesiastes is another book which offers very wise tips. Chapter 3, verse 1 says, “To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.”  What does that mean?  The answer is simple:  we can work, seek entertainment, reach goals and do much more if we are managing our time properly.  But remember that the first step is yours.

More than 50 countries will be reached by this text, in Portuguese and English (Google Analytics will not let me lie, lol ..). I say this because topublish this material in different cultures, readers will have a chance to stop for a moment and reflect on the “speed limit.”  In addition to being a necessary and sound decision, I will conclude this thought with one of the biggest statements I have made so far:  It’s so worth it!

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