By Diego Nascimento

Throughout 2011 much has happened, I’m sure.  Your professional career lists several chapters of challenges and victories. This last article of the year is an invitation. Express your opinion! If given the opportunity, share situations where the issues you tackled can help others in their thought process and decision making. In 2012 a new series of articles will cover tips on market trends, interpersonal relationships, marketing and technology.

I am recording here a list of suggestions that I prepared for my team during the week. Feel free to choose one or more of these options as a theme on your professional journey:  Smile. Make plans. Set deadlines. Offer ideas.  Always do your best.  Be thankful.  Think twice.  Study.  Perfect your skills.  Acknowledge.  Treasure.  Apologize.  Reach out your hand.  Read.  Organize your activities.  Journal.  Ask.  Buy a planner. Take care of your health.  Teach.  Embrace.  Celebrate. Research.  Advise.  Be on time.  Surprise.  Check it out.  Learn and Speak up, now is your time!

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