By Diego Nascimento

At the end of this week I had the opportunity to accompany a group of university students who, with a lot of enthusiasm and creativity, awoke early on a Saturday morning in favor of Social Responsibility.¬† Children, women and seniors were targets of a campaign covering art and information. Many companies have associated activities of this kind in their daily lives; what can help in the process of integration of employees and customer awareness about the institutional focus? How aboutmobilizing your industry about this idea? There are many people needing help and, in some cases, this involves just a simple conversation. According to Professor and Consultant Gilberto Guimar√£es, of the Getulio Vargas Foundation, “In the workplace, the concept of social responsibility is also starting to promote the creation of new jobs in areas hitherto little explored as environmental consultants – NGOs, citizenship projects, recycling of materials, among others.”

Want a hint? Start now and register this important initiative in your work history!

Reflect: Creativity. Information. Simple Conversation. Work History.

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