by Diego Nascimento

It was amid the cornfields that the young Clark grew up. The adopted son of Jonathan and Martha Kent, the boy literally fell from heaven and received care from a couple of farmers living in the US state of Kansas. Throughout his youth Clark was a shy boy who spoke little and was a homebody.  In the transition to adult life he discovered his mission and, from water to wine, out of the silence came one of the best known heroes of the planet. In his lifetime he ascended podiums of justice and spoke for peace in humanity.

That’s right, you’re thinking; this is a brief summary of the life of Superman, the hero created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1933. If we were to take all the alien powers from Clark, we would find an ordinary man of humble origins who came out of the countryside to face life as a journalist for the Daily Planet. In the movies we have an image of a bumbling reporter who after donning his blue and red uniform is able to break paradigms and face the worst enemies.

I know people who see public speaking as a terrifying monster. The simple invitation to present a school project, discuss a report on the company or read a poem in public causes despair. They begin to feel itchy, dizzy and almost on the verge of a heart attack. If you fit this profile, I want to tell you a secret:  there is a cure!

Public speaking goes beyond formal events such as lectures or sermons. It involves conversations indoors and even casual chats with friends. No doubt there are people who are born with this ability to speak easily; others need to get the right training to develop their oral expression, body language and quick thinking.  Just like the young Clark Kent, we need to face our “enemies” who, for some reason, keep us from reaching greater heights in our professional career.  I wrote down a few steps to make public speaking your daily partner:

Now it is important to note Superman always had to transform to appear in public. When everything seemed to be in order, Clark returned back to his normal routine as a reporter. This is not necessary for you: just ​​be yourself! Run after perfection, but keep the values ​​and principles that govern your life. Remember: Public speaking is not just having a commanding voice. It’s being able to communicate with those who collect diplomas as well as those who never had the chance to attend school.

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