by Diego Nascimento

Perhaps you know people who go beyond the limits of common-sense and use the company phone to relay some family message or solve personal problems.  Stay calm:  I am not condemning you for making personal calls at the office. It often becomes necessary to use this tool of communication created by Alexander Graham Bell. What I mean is that there are people who talk so much it almost turns into a book that takes days to communicate over the phone.  In these cases it is important to remember that while we are on the phone talking with someone, other people could be trying to call you to make you aware of important company business or more importantly, to find out how they can buy a product or hire a service. In the company environment, the phone is a work tool. Perhaps you are thinking: “But I have family and need have an open line in case of emergency”. Yes, I realize that.  What I want to reinforce is that the businessphone  should not be used to share information about the latest episode of the soap opera last night or concerning a neighbor’s fight with his wife or to give out cake recipes. In different locations I have witnessed awkward situations, where a customer needed to wait for the chat on the telephone to end before receiving assistance. I will conclude this text with an excellent recommendation written thousands of years ago, which crosses the centuries without losing its relevancy: “With wisdom a house is built, and by understanding a house is established.” Proverbs 24:3. Reflect on your attitudes and invest in your career.

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