by Diego Nascimento

If you use glasses daily (especially for reading), know that this accessory influences your facial expressions, and you should be careful.  Do you think I’m exaggerating? Maybe, maybe not.  Here’s what I mean:  To show affection and compassion is easy for some people; for others, this seemingly simple act requires “training.” What I have observed over the years is that the traditional “looking over the top of glasses” can be intimidating to other party. This occurs unintentionally or intentionally, includingprofessionals from various positions and even in family relationships. If your intention is to maintain a healthy relationship in your social circle, understand that certain words, attitudes and reactions offer two types of outcomes:success or failure. Amid all this, our good old friend glasses may arise as a villain in this story, which is confirmed by the researchers and writers Alan and Barbara Pease in Unraveling the Secrets of Body Language: “The act of looking over your glasses is a potentially costly mistake, because it can bring the listener to respond with negative attitudes and arms folded, legs crossed and a defiant attitude.”

Want to start a good dialogue? There are several basic rules; one of them is: “Over your glasses, never!”

Invest in your career.  Make communication a daily companion!

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