by Diego Nascimento

I talked to a friend of mine this week about something interesting that she saw: on visiting a store, she realized that the company had redesigned the logo through the random distribution of letters. The idea was clear; by combining the syllables the customer would see the full name of the establishment. No doubt it’s a modern and artistic perspective. The most curious thing was that besides the store identification, two vowels and two consonants were apparently placed without proofing and stood in the center of the “brand”. The worst thing was that adding all four letters together, the word that appeared was ERROR. That’s right, ERROR.

This is more common than you think. Many people, when trying to innovate just end up “jumping off a cliff.” Creativity is the key to success in business and in your personal life, however, it comes about through planning. In the case of the aforementioned store, the appearance of the word ERROR in the company’s brand may have been on accident or on purpose. I would prefer to imagine it is the first option because, if it was intentional, the consequences could be serious. The buyer’s purchase impulse is connected psychologically. Colors, shapes, sounds and images are able to attract people or make them never wish to return. Visiting a place where the mind links the store with the word ERROR, without realizing it, could scare off potential consumers without them even realizing they made this decision.

And do not think this happens only with companies. Ideas are published daily through our clothes, messages on t-shirts, how we speak, write, or gesture…. certain actions are a just like a broken bridge about to collapse. Be careful not to act rashly with someone who tomorrow might be the person who will interview you for that long awaited job vacancy.

In short, pay close attention before saying anything.  Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the opposite can also be

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