by Diego Nascimento

Writing about ethics in business and life is not easy. I say this because of the time it takes, as in regard to the issues the list is wide and never ending (Sad, is not it?). But let’s move on and put our neurons to work (ha, ha…).

The world received news of the tragedy that hit the Mariana region of Minas Gerais State. A mine had two dams break, and a sea of ​​mud with apparently toxic debris invaded communities and cities, killing people, fish, animals of the field and polluting rivers and seas, the causes of which are still under investigation. Some experts say the disaster is irreversible and the damage incalculable. The media and government officials have been attempting for four months now to find one or more culprits. The “blame game” will last a long time. The point is that many families have lost their homes in the present and the future. They are at the mercy of an unprecedented fight.

Has your life been invaded by a quagmire of problems, those capable of leaving a wake of trouble?  I cannot say the how many of you, but I’m sure many, in your heart of hearts, answered with a big YES! This kind of disruption happens at work, at home, at school, in relationships and is directly related to your decisions. That’s right; some disruptions are predictable and others arrive without an appointment. Some people struggle with all their might against the mud, but there are others who lose strength and drown.

I am not the owner of tomorrow, nor are you. But some things are already an obvious tragedy, and I know people who still insist on moving in the wrong direction. If we evaluate this from an entrepreneurial perspective, the major brands are the result of acts of true madness and risk. In these cases we must take into consideration a number of factors that can predict if a business will work or not. This can also be reflected in your relationships, studies and any dream that comes to your mind. Living dangerously does not pay. Even the creation of the world we live in was the result of planning, which is what guides your life.

If you make a mistake, take responsibility for it and promise yourself that you will never do that again. If your idea did not work, I suggest you take a deep breath, look forward, and look at new opportunities. Although we are part of a society that increasingly preaches individualism, victories and personal challenges come from groups: families, departments, neighbors, groups of friends … they all are a part of a great connection.

Be careful: Some disruptions cause so much damage they destroy everything, like the example at the beginning of the text. Put selfishness aside and seek to understand that we are here to benefit others as well. Defend the truth, create opportunities and walk with your “feet on the ground.

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