By Diego Nascimento

I always write about marketing and communication tips, but today I want to deal with willpower. That’s right: get out of the comfort zone and do something worthwhile. Every day I perceive an outsourcing of responsibilities that gradually opens a “crater” between theory and practice. We live in the days of “talking a lot” and “doing little.” I disagree with this way of thinking and will explain my reasoning.

Everything now revolves around the generations Y and Z (categories that divide people born since 1980). I am part of this group, and I say with the utmost tranquility: we are not anything special. We can see the pampering we receive from the media and from other sectors of society who insist that we need a different treatment and that we are the fruit of the age of connectivity. That’s fine. The world has changed, and in fact, our vision for certain areas may be broader, but it may also be restricted by virtue of a certain inexperience. There is no doubt that the methodologies of teaching, the exercise of entrepreneurship and even consumption need to do a lot of gymnastics to be able to adapt to “our” way of seeing the universe as well as to capture “our” attention. This is the future.

On the other hand, all this changing movement bothers me when I see some young people in the position of demigods, simply because their birth certificate puts them in the generations that I have spoken little of until now. It becomes pathetic the way many justify comfort and a daily life based exclusively on tanning (after all they are special). Whether you want it or not, we are the fruit of an era that precedes the Y and Z boom and has sustained the world economy to this day (they have survived for years without internet and cell phone), and yet it is regrettably subject to deep criticism.

I close saying once again that we are nothing special. We are human beings born in a different time period. Instead of handing off responsibilities, under the simple and ridiculous assertion that we are Y, and Z, we need to sustain the present for tomorrow, which will beyond a shadow of a doubt be much more challenging. No matter what letter of the alphabet you represent, know that the absence of willpower is harmful to any generation. Get out of the way! Throw the pleasure of comfort out the window! And as the great economist Milton Friedman would say:  “There is no free lunch.”

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