By Diego Nascimento 

This week I heard an interesting story shared by an avid reader of my articles. After a long day of studies in her post graduate courses, my friend (who at this time I will call Mrs. X), saw in the distance a candy store. Being a devoted mom she decided to buy some delicious chocolates. It was at this moment that the adventure began. There was a sign on the shelf in the candy store that read: “One piece of candy for R$0.80 or get three for R$2.50.” If we do a quick calculation, we can see that in light of the price of one chocolate, we would pay R$0.10 more if we opt for the purchase of three chocolates.

The error on this sign was visible and traumatizing. In light of the good neighbor policy, Mrs. X told the seller about the mistake, getting the following response: “Yes, in fact, there was a mistake. The person who placed the card was another employee and only she could make the switch.” Perplexed, that poor mother who just wanted to take some candy home heard the attendant say, based on the sign, that the amount charged for the three chocolates would indeed be R$2.50.

Although it seems cartoonish, this event occurred in a traditional store in our Brazil. I only mean to say that this was just thetip of the iceberg. Lack of experience, coupled with lack of common sense and a proactive attitude, contributes significantly to customer dissatisfaction, loss of visibility, and total disregard for professionalism. When it comes to sales, it is necessary to pay attention to the communication that is happeningOne slip could result in irreparable losses.

And what about Mrs. X? She returned the following morning to the establishment, and the sign was still there in the same place with the same error. Again disappointed, that legal professional “reported” the situation through a photo and informed the world at large.

Want to share your experiences? Feel free. I’m ready to listen!

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