by Diego Nascimento

Many people know that Brazil has been greatly affect because of the drought touching various cities in the southeast region, endangering availability of basic services such as washing the dishes or taking a bath. Some experts attribute the lack of water to the climate; others focus the blame on the lack of government investment, and a third group supports the sum of these two factors.

What would be the result if we decided to compare your professional career to a lake?  Would it be overflowing with qualities, enthusiasm andprofessionalism or would it be drying up, in its last drops of existence, experiencing an incomparable drought?

In the case of water, heavy rains would result in partially solving the problem (at least that’s what we would expect). From the perspective of the workplace, not even a flood of good intentions is able to rescue a person who makes his career just a daily obligation. It is sad to see people who care so little for the good things in their careers and see monotony and pessimism in everything.

Good professional conduct goes beyond education, good clothing and a salary. The motivation will never be found on supermarket shelves. This flame of desire to go beyond is within you. Yes, I agree that some situations facilitate the encounter with this feeling so sought after around the world; if the first step is not yours, forget it!

A famous quote attributed to the scientist Isaac Newton says, What we know is a drop; what we ignore is an ocean.”

Value your career!

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