by Diego Nascimento 

I once had a chance to visit a retail store and, because of the exemplary customer service, I recommended this place to friends and family. Over some months I realized that some of the employees were no longer a part of the team and, to my surprise, I had the chance to meet them in the competition’s business. This scenario made me curious, and I decided to ask why they “migrated professionally.” The response was just one thing:  fear and contempt.

According to the former employees, the owner of the company treated his work team poorly by embarrassing them in front of colleagues and customers, to the point of affecting their emotional health. Since then, this apparent “control tool” has caused a constant turnover at that establishment.

Stories of this type are very common, unfortunately. I confess that I am opposed to attitudes involving intimidation of co-workers. I believe in healthy and harmonious communication as a tool for solutions of conflicts and to manage issues with quality and good sense, even if some cases require a more drastic measure (resignation).

Let’s concentrate our efforts on maintaining a daily harmonious professional life. Pride and arrogance are unnecessary in the work place.  Share this idea.

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