by Diego Nascimento

Communication is a constant in our everyday lives. From the perspective of the workplace, do not admire even a little bit people who make lying a possible or typical characteristic and believe this word is a synonym for clever. How many “professionals” do not use words or false situations while attending to customers, while speaking with your superiors and colleagues or even tojustify deplorable attitudes at work? There are situations in which lying is so explicit that anyone who gives false information can extrapolate the limits of the ridiculous; they throw credibility out the window and act as if it was normal. Again, I quote JoséEustáquio Oliveira de Souza in The Manager who Communicates.  He says: “… a lie has “short legs” and is easily perceived by those who are receiving a message of this type, especially in the business environment. Always speak the truth.”  


How about we go with this idea? The job market will thank you!

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