by Diego Nascimento

Last week I was able to act as translator in consecutive lectures and workshops taught by a North American delegation. Perhaps you are wondering: “Has Diego changed jobs?” The answer is no.  I am still with the same company and with my normal work duties which include linguistic support. The differenceis that I opted for English as my second language. This choice allowed me to contribute to an international project for the exchange of information.

At various times I was asked how long I lived outside of Brazil to improve my language skills. With each response I patiently explained that my international trips were just for vacations, not really staying very many days, but that very early on I made a concerted effort to study the English language. With thisattitude I have discovered new cultures, expanded friendships and helped in social projects outside my own country.

My message to you who are reading this article now is that knowing English is not luxury—it is necessity. I often see the recruitment profile of numerous companies, even in Brazil, and many ask for a candidate with knowledge of the English language. We are in a new phase of globalization. Have you thoughtabout investing time and resources in improving your language skills? It is never too late to start.  In my college classes I usually tell graduates that education is a constant, that is, we are always learning something new.

There are professionals who study foreign languages ​​because of a business requirement … that’s not a problem.  I’m referring to English because it still is(and has been for a long time) the international language of tourism, business, entertainment, education, science, research, innovation and countlesssectors.

Every tree starts with a small seed. How about starting your bilingual journey now? The Internet itself offers several tools that can aid your immersion in the international arena. You can start and/or improve your skills with a new language right here on Brazilian soil. The willingness to learn is not dependent on ethnicity, age, social position or level. It just takes focus and dedication.

Want to share your experiences? Feel free. I’m ready to listen!

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