By Diego Nascimento

Last weekend I witnessed a fantastic scene. Walking with family after a delicious lunch, we were approached by a kindly vendor who was carrying a bag full of candy. At that moment, the girl offered the products with a rare sincerity. As we had completed a tasty meal, we thanked her for the offer and continued on our way. What caught my attention was how the seller responded to the loss of the sale. Instead of avoiding any further dialogue or pursuing the matter to the point of awkwardness, this young girl let loose a big smile, shared a happy farewell and continued on her search for new customers.  This begs the following question:  How should we react to a “no”?  Are we eternally sorry, throwing our hands up into the air or do we sow new opportunities through charisma and persistence? With counsel that has stood the test of millennia, the book of Proverbs shows that “A soft answer turns away wrath” and “The tongue of the wise uses knowledge.”  Watch your actions. The job market is watching you! Keep an eye out!

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