by Diego Nascimento

Some say that pride is one of the seven deadly sins. I had the chance to observe some demonstrations of this practice, and I confess it was not a pleasant experience. Depending on the position described on the badge, style of dress, promotion or even material goods, some people insist on demonstrating atotally disconnected attitude from what is expected from future professional.

The Michaelis dictionary describes pride as “arrogant manifestation of pride, sometimes illegitimately.” If you have not met someone with thischaracteristic, don’t worry, your turn will come (laughs …). The work environment requires cordial and friendly professionals ready to attend the nextclient.  Excessive pride can bring serious consequences for an individual or the team. The lack of understanding and humility to learn are factors that contribute in a way that can lead to the loss of customers, trust and credibility of an institution.

Listen to your coworkers. State your opinion in a democratic manner. Manage through respect. Speak with authority and truthfulness. Understand.Respect the organizational chart of your company.  Order your day with professionalism.

Never confuse humility with lack of ambition. This last characteristic, when practiced in a healthy way, has success as a companion. Great leaders wereand are known for their involvement and participation, but never for their pride or arrogance.

A quote attributed to a famous Spanish writer says:  “Pride never goes down to where it came from, but it always falls to where it came.” Future professional, fight against this feeling. Spread this idea.

Want to share your experiences? Feel free. I’m ready to listen!

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