By Diego Nascimento

Today I will be speaking with regard to a fictional movie I watched a few months ago.  I will make some changes in order to accommodate our understanding with respect to the theme.  The video tells the story of a group of workers at a service provider.  On a certain day, a man was walking on the sidewalk in front of that organization.  He lit a cigarette and threw the match on the grass.   Within a matter of seconds a small spark ignited.  The receptionist of the business, upon seeing what was happening through the window, decided to tell the supervisor of her department.  She dialed his extension letting him know about the spark and potential fire.  His response was immediate, “I am really sorry, but resolving these types of questions is not my part of my job.  I will transfer you to the extension of the manager who will be able to resolve your problem.”  The manager listened attentively to the request of the supervisor, but he responded in the same way, “Thank you for letting me know about this, but unfortunately this is not part of my responsibilities, and I will need to pass this message on to our board.”  And so this pattern repeated itself throughout various sectors, until the little spark turned into a fire, at which point they needed the help of the Fire Department. As it is easy to see, this short story would have a different ending if some of the people involved would have had the INITIATIVE to resolve the problem soon after it started.  You have probably experienced something just like this, you know?  In that case, the spark could represent a phone call or a question that wasn’t answered fully, with the justification that “it’s not my job.”  It is clear that we all have limits to our responsibilities in our jobs where we work, however, there are EVENTUALITIES in our jobs where a TEAM is fundamental.  Is this you?  Have you built a good impression of your workplace through your ATTITUDE about the small things?  Invest in your career!

Reflect:  Initiative.  Attitudes.  Team.

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