by Diego Nascimento

Service contracts require care, and many people know this. A few weeks ago I received a very polite phone call from Customer Service of an internet service provider. The message said that I was “covered” with an antivirus package and a back up of information on my computer. After 30 days of use, if I wished, I should formalize the continuity of the service, although it did not appear that this required payment of a monthly subscription. When I got the call I thanked the representative and made it very clear that I did not want the service because I already had similar tools. Days passed, the sun shone and, to my surprise, I found a hitherto unknown charge on my credit card statement. After thinking, thinking and thinking some more, I was inspired and deciphered the enigma: the provider had charged me for a service that I had not requested or even installed. Immediately I phoned Customer Service where I received an apology and a guarantee of a solution in up to three days. Time passed and nothing happened. Apparently, I have to start again through the automated system in search of a solution that is not automatic. By any chance have you lived out this drama? Now think: how many people are characters in these types of scenes every minute, around the world? It is from this perspective that I beg your attention: we will contribute to smooth customer service, when commitment, respect, responsiveness and quality really exist. How have you carried out your interactions? A satisfied customer is the multiplier of opportunities for your company. Think about it!

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