By Diego Nascimento

Yes! It is the plain truth that the intrigues still inhabit corridors and rooms around the world. My friends and mentors always share the issues that companies (and it does not matter if they are public, private, or third sector) face to “root out” the quarrels among peers, malicious comments in the sectors and jealousy aroused by the promotion of A or B. And if you are a student, note that this happens often in basic education (yes, even with children) and in universities. But where does all this begin?

Inside us. It is that simple. In my country, the habit of encouraging misunderstandings is known as “adding wood to the fire” and believe it; there are people who are experts at this and who show great talent for evil. I saw this first-hand in high school, in undergraduate, graduate and at work carried out. It is not by chance that the selection process for openings in the workplace are becoming more rigorous and, even so, there are those that only last a short time at work because of the low use of the emotional intelligence.

What I am going to tell you now is sad and based on real facts; character X always boasted of his knowledge and made pride a faithful companion. Often character X, perhaps frustrated by the monotony of his days, would pick up the cell phone and make a call to character Y, inventing that character Z had told intimate secrets about him/her. As soon as he hung up, X went the other way, calling Z and accusing Y of doing the same thing. Angered by this revelation, Y and Z began a real war in order to get even, to protect their families, and in the meantime X watched everything and fed the bad habit of creating intrigue.

I am a strong supporter of the idea that conversation solves a lot of issues. Any hint of the beginning of disagreement must be analyzed, corrected, and dealt with. I know leaders who turn a blind eye and let the bomb explode. Time passes and disagreements become common in that environment, influencing the daily life of the individual, the industry, the company … it’s like a small spark falling on a pile of straw. And if even while trying to solve the issue the person eagerly continues to harm others?  Fire him/her. Some weeds are too tough and need to be taken out.

Did you misunderstand? Let me clarify. Were you sad when you heard the gossip?  Be at peace, but do not hold a grudge.  Did you witness an intrigue? Stay on the team of peacemakers. The Holy Bible itself warns us about the subject in Proverbs 15:18.  “A hot-tempered person stirs up conflict, but the one who is patient calms a quarrel.

See you in the next article!

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