by Diego Nascimento

Last week I went to the pharmacy. What should have been a simple errand became, in seconds, a tragedy for those who work with sales and customer service. Follow along with my story and do not be afraid to let the tears start rolling down your face. It’s really sad. Passionate people usually get excited (ha, ha…).

I parked the car and under a heavenly carport, filled with stars and an unforgettable moon, walked through the city center until I reached the front door of that “healing establishment.” The shelves were filled with drugs, shampoos, cosmetics and promotional cards distributed at various points. I got to the counter and asked for my prescription; as luck would have it, they had it in stock. It was at that exact moment the bomb was armed. I realized that one of the employees, whom I will call X, was very excited about other people’s affairs and spoke with his coworkers as if he was in a bar. My observation was interrupted by the clerk who asked, “Sir, do you have a pharmacy discount card?” Meanwhile X provisionally closed the counter and walked to the front of the store. I did the same, after all, that’s where the boxes were. When I reached the line I realized that X was talking with another coworker about a possible day off.  Exultantly X swore in such a way as to hurt the ears, words which will never belong in the business vocabulary, much less the human vocabulary.  My pupils dilated and I felt my heart rate increase considerably. Soon after I heard the call “Next!”. I could not resist and said to the clerk at the counter, “Your colleague doesn’t have much common sense.” Visibly embarrassed by the whole scene, the girl replied, “Do not worry about it. She’s just excited.” I replied, “That’s fine, but if you were working for me, you would be fired immediately.” I thanked her for the service and left.

I want to clarify that irritant situations are normal for any human being; however, self-control is a recommendation from the Bible, and it applies to any area of our lives. In the above story, I showed my bewilderment as client. Imagine if I were a partner/owner of the chain, and I was just passing through town. She would be fired for sure.  How many people lose a sale or “ruin the good name” of a company, a brand and or the rest of the team because of a lack of propriety? And do not be surprised: even though it is 2016, the so-called post-modern era, you will find in the county and even in the big cities people with this “ability” to damage their resume without even taking the time to understand that politeness and calmness are Part and Parcel of the Workplace Obligations.

Sales and service go together, either through products or through providing services. I have worked in this area a long time, and believe me, you have no idea how much the world needs to be improved on. Want a tip to start thinking about that can change lives and retain your customers? Start with your words; assess what you say and what you do not say. Will it benefit me to say touch on this subject or that?

One of the first signs of intelligence begins with your words! Think about it!

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