by Diego Nascimento

Observation is something that is always practical. When visiting some shops I like to try to identify which procedures are carryovers from the past and not useful in the present, much less the future.  A friend shared his difficulty in allocating responsibilities to his staff in the office. He confided that his notes on paper were no longer reliable; in addition to disrupting his desk with piles and piles of files, the risk of losing something valuable was ever present.  It was then that he stumbled upon a great idea. The Internet has its positive side.  Thinking about these things, my friend got a list of the computer programs that keep most of the schedules, meetings and procedures, commitment alerts sent via email which organizes practically everything. The data would be stored “in the cloud”; i.e., even with a failure of a tablet, cell phone or computer the employee could access the information from any machine, anywhere in the world.

The pace of the market requires us to be flexible in customer service. This forces the old-fashioned procedures to follow a new rhythm at work in the present day. In many areas, information is required, and in others creativity can be far more important.  I once visited a store where the owner hand wrote all the sales in an old notebook.  Immediately I asked myself: “What if this notebook were to disappears or suffer an accident where the records are destroyed?” I mention this only to clarify that I do not question the quality of product and services renderedbut the way in which we perform the activities. If you know someone who, regardless of his/her profession, can take a step forward in doing things in a more productive and useful manner, I suggest you give them your suggestions and explain that innovation is never a bad idea!

Want to share your experiences? Feel free. I am ready to listen!

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